25 things you wouldn’t know about Admiral

Admiral Group is celebrating its 25th birthday today. Launched on 2nd January 1993 with just one brand, zero customers and 57 members of staff, Admiral now has 15 brands around the world with over 5 million customers, and 9,000 members of staff. 

It’s the only FTSE 100 company headquartered in Wales and if you live in Cardiff, Newport or Swansea, legend has it you’re no more than six people removed from an Admiral staff member*.

The Admiral name, its free staff share scheme and its Ministry of Fun are quite well known but to mark its 25th birthday, here’s a list of 25 facts about the company you won’t already know.

  1. Since floating on the London Stock Exchange in 2004, shares worth more than £380m have been awarded to Admiral employees.

  2. Christopher is the most common first name in Admiral. There are 127 people called Christopher who work for us in South Wales.

  3. Jones is the most common Admiral surname. There are 234 Joneses working in South Wales. And Welsh surnames abound with Jones followed by Davies, Williams, Thomas and Evans.

  4. Over the years, Admiral has won more than 100 awards all over the globe for being a good employer including being named the 23rd best workplace in the world in 2017.

  5. If you add together the ages of all Admiral staff in South Wales it comes to 225,000 years.

  6. The average length of service for all our staff is six years but we have 12 members of staff who have been with us for 25 years.

  7. If you add together the length of service of all our staff in South Wales, there is 42,500 years of service between them.

  8. More Admiral staff were born on 22nd March than any other day of the year. 33 members of staff celebrate their birthday on that date. Birthdays in Admiral are celebrated, usually with balloons, cards and cake, and with a message from our CEO popping up on the employees’ PC.

  9. No less than 52 different nationalities work for Admiral in South Wales and between them speak at least 23 languages including Polish, Urdu and Finnish.

  10. Admiral has donated more than £1 million to over 3,300 local organisations through our Community Chest scheme which has been running for the past 12 years.

  11. In the early 90s Admiral was named Admiral so it would be one of the first entries in the Yellow Pages and sounded like an established, respected company.

  12. Admiral very nearly launched in Brighton rather than Cardiff. A £1 million grant from the then Welsh Development Agency meant Henry and David chose the Welsh capital.

  13. Admiral staff have won more than 5,000 tickets to 6 Nations games in the Principality Stadium thanks to our partnership with the WRU. It’s also not unusual to see Welsh international rugby players in the office as they often visit for online chats and meet and greets with staff.

  14. Admiral employees love a good breakfast! In just the last year, staff across Cardiff, Swansea and Newport have eaten around 100,000 slices of toast, 75,000 sausages and 60,000 portions of beans from our canteens.

  15. They’re healthy too. Admiral staff munch their way through around 14,000 pieces of fruit each week through the Ministry of Health’s free fruit deliveries to each site in South Wales.

  16. Almost 17 million car and home insurance policies have been sold since Admiral launched in 1993.

  17. The most policies (home and car) sold in one day was 6,954 on Monday February 29th 2016.

  18. One of Admiral longest serving members of staff has sold more than 73,000 policies in their career here.

  19. Our employees have taken around 175 million calls from our customers over the past 25 years, with an average of 7 million customer calls per year.

  20. Admiral has 18 offices around the world in eight different countries, ranging from 3,000 staff in Tŷ Admiral in Cardiff to 5 members of staff in our newest office, Rastreator.mx in Mexico City.

  21. The waiting list for a car park space at Tŷ Admiral is 1,092 members of staff long. The next person in line will be taking over a vacant space this month. They have been waiting a mere 15 years and 9 months!

  22. McFly, Olly Murs, Madness and the Sugababes are just some of the famous names who have entertained Admiral staff at its legendary parties.

  23. CEO David Stevens (and Henry Engelhardt before him) hold welcome talks for all new members of staff and everyone gets a piece of jigsaw. This is to remind everyone that to complete the picture you need all the parts and every part is as important as the next. People who have been with Admiral for many years still have their piece of jigsaw.

  24. The names of the staff at the time we move to Tŷ Admiral in 2014 are displayed on the glass of the building in the reception area.

  25. When we floated on the London Stock Exchange, 1,500 staff shared a payout of over £56 million, receiving an average windfall of £37,000 each.

*based on how often Admiral employees get asked “do you know so and so from X department?”