Admiral donates to Cardiff Devils Juniors!

Local employer Admiral has donated nearly £400 to Cardiff Devils Junior Development team, through its long running community chest scheme.


Philip Teasdale works in Admiral’s Customer Contact Strategy department and volunteers as a junior ice hockey coach in his spare time. He is very passionate about ice hockey and has played as an amateur throughout England and Wales.


The junior team were struggling to raise funds for hockey pucks and shirts, so Philip applied for some funds through Admiral’s community chest. He commented, “Currently we have ten hockey pucks, which does not make for a very productive training session. It’s like trying to ask a tennis player to practice their serve with one ball – they would probably spend the majority of the session chasing the tennis ball up the court!”


The scheme paid for 50 ice hockey pucks, a puck bag and ice hockey shirts for the whole of Phil’s team. It has been running in Admiral for over ten years, helping hundreds of local charities and organisations every year. The only rules are that you have to work for Admiral; you must be connected to the charity; it needs to be for something tangible and you can only apply once a year.


He said, “After 15 years of playing as an amateur, I wanted to give something back. I wanted to teach life skills as well as hockey to these young players. One of my closest friends has a boy on the team and he suggested I get into coaching. That was a year ago and I have not looked back since. I am really proud of my team and wouldn’t give coaching up for the world.”


Cardiff Devils Club Secretary, Kathryn Johnson, said, “The team are so excited that they received support from such a recognised company. They can now be more organised and plan their sessions more effectively, meaning that they can be more competitive! We are really grateful to Admiral for all the help.”


You can watch a video about Cardiff Devils Juniors by visiting our Admiral Community YouTube channel. (