Admiral helps Home-Start

Local employer Admiral has donated nearly £500 to buy baby safety equipment to help families in Cardiff, through the charity Home-Start.

Home-Start helps families in all sorts of situations, such as homelessness, domestic abuse, isolation, poverty and drug or alcohol addiction. The volunteers step in to help with the children, providing much needed advice and support to the parents, as well as giving them equipment the families cannot afford.

Home-Start volunteer Carolyn Howells, from Admiral’s Document Services department, spends one day a week helping Home-Start. The charity was struggling to raise funds to pay for safety equipment for babies, including baby gates, baby safety kits and well baby packs. Carolyn knew that she could apply for funds through Admiral’s Community Chest scheme.

The Community Chest scheme has been running in Admiral for over ten years, helping hundreds of local charities and organisations every year. The only rules are that you have to work for Admiral; you must be connected to the charity; it needs to be for something tangible and you can only apply once a year.

The stories that come out of Home-Start are inspirational. 60 year old volunteer Helen supported isolated mum Lisa, becoming the mother she never had and even helping her cook lunch on Christmas day. Another volunteer, Fay, spent two hours a week helping grandfather, 56 year old Michael, who is raising three grandchildren on his own, due to their mum’s heroin and alcohol dependency.

Carolyn helps with similar situations, currently visiting two families every week. She said, “I love being a mum, but it wasn't always easy. A few months after my first son was born I suffered with depression; the whole time felt like a black hole and the guilt after ate me up.  I didn't know about Home-Start then, but looking back, that type of support would have been ideal. I remember how hard it was being a first time mum and I hoped to help anyone else in that situation. The money we have just received from Admiral has helped enormously, as it goes towards supporting families and keeping children stay safe.

“I am lucky enough to be able to pop out and buy a baby gate or thermometer. I couldn't imagine how it would feel not being able to do this for my son. Admiral’s donation has taken away this worry for some of the families we support. Thank you!”