Admiral helps hundreds of staff understand dyslexia

In the build up to National Dyslexia Awareness week (3rd – 9th October), local employer Admiral is raising awareness of dyslexia amongst its staff with a new and innovative training course, created by one of its employees.

With 10% of the population affected, dyslexia can have an impact on employee wellbeing and Admiral’s ‘Understanding Dyslexia course aims to support those staff who have dyslexia and provide managers with knowledge and advice to give extra support to their colleagues.  

The course has been created by Admiral employee, David Steer, a management trainer in Admiral’s in-house training department, Admiral Academy, who struggled with dyslexia until he was diagnosed in 2010, aged 44.

He said, “It was like my eyes were opened! Suddenly, I knew why I had been struggling all these years. Being diagnosed was the best thing that ever happened to me and I want to shout about it! ”

David’s desire to help others who are in a similar position came to fruition when he created and ran the “Understanding Dyslexia” course, which is now available to all Admiral staff.

David created the course to have a relaxed environment, where there is no pressure for a diagnosis, but there is space to ask questions with the aim to create awareness and understanding of how people with dyslexia think and feel.

Luke Johnston, who works in Admiral Group’s price comparison business, has dyslexia and has had one-to-one support from David.

He said, “I have struggled with dyslexia throughout school, university and in the workplace. I have often had to prove that I am not slow, but different; in the way I learn and think.

“I knew Admiral was supportive when I started last year. I have attended a number of David's workshops with my manager, which enabled me to learn more about dyslexia and its knock on effects and they have also given my manager insight into the condition. These sessions encourage education and understanding for managers and their employees, which I find very refreshing.”