Admiral saves some lost souls

Local employer Admiral has donated over £1,000 to the Lost Souls Sanctuary, near Newport, through its Community Chest scheme.

The Lost Souls Sanctuary was founded by Anne Lewis in 2011 as a home for life for dogs who have been abused, or who have behavioural problems and have nowhere else to go. Anne said “We provide a home for these dogs that often come to us badly traumatised, both physically and mentally. My vision is to turn this around and create a happily ever after safe place for all of them.”

Barbara Talbot works in Admiral’s Claims department in Swansea and volunteers at the Sanctuary in her spare time. She has been involved in dog rescue for a number of years and finds the process both fascinating and rewarding.

Barbara said “It always amazes me how quickly a dog from a difficult background can trust people again. My good friend Lesley and I, who also worked for Admiral, used to collect blankets, bedding and other dog items to send to rescue centres in the UK and Romania. Sadly, in January 2014, Lesley passed away suddenly and I was devastated.

“Lost Souls Sanctuary helped me overcome the grief of losing a friend. I was broken by life, just as these dogs were, so by helping Anne to “fix” them, I was able to honour my good friend Lesley. The Sanctuary is a registered charity, but has trouble raising enough funds, as it does not have the usual adoption fees that most rescue centres do and many supporters can never meet the dogs they give to.”

The Lost Souls Sanctuary was in need of a bigger space for their 79 dogs to sleep in, so Barbara applied to Admiral’s Community Chest to pay for two large walk-in kennels, which they purchased. They also matched funds raised internally by Barbara when she organised a raffle for Admiral staff.

Admiral’s Community Chest scheme has been running for over ten years, helping hundreds of local charities and organisations every year. To apply you have to work for Admiral; you must be connected to the charity or organisation; it needs to be for something tangible and you can only apply once a year.

Anne Lewis said, “Admiral has been absolutely fantastic in funding our two new walk-in kennels. They are much better than the large crates we had before, as it gives the dogs a lot more room to move around, which makes a huge difference to their rehabilitation. The dogs love them!”

You can watch a video about the Lost Souls Sanctuary by visiting our Admiral Community YouTube channel. (