Admiral staff THRIVE fundraising for Bassaleg School

A small department in Admiral’s Newport office have raised more than £1,000 for the THRIVE and Nurture Hwb at Bassaleg School, an initiative that aims to provide pupils and their families with a safe space to talk, think and express emotions with a trusted member of the Pastoral Team.

The employees from Admiral’s Renewals department in Newport raised the funds through several fundraising events including completing the Welsh 3 Peak challenge, bake off competitions, a soak your manager event and a charity football match. They also held a back-to-school dress up day in the office where teams of colleagues performed songs and members of Bassaleg School voted for the winner.

The department encourages its staff to take part in charitable acts alongside their daily roles. So far this year they have completed a toy collection for The Royal Gwent Hospital, and a food drive for homelessness, as well as fundraising for Bassaleg School.

Charlotte Trebilcock from the Renewals department said “Fundraising for Bassaleg school was so rewarding and meant a lot to the department. We wanted to make sure that every student felt safe and had a place to go for support. I am so proud of my department for all joining together and supporting the local school.”

The money raised went towards redecorating and re-branding the support rooms at the THRIVE Hwb. This nurturing space helps Bassaleg School support and nurture the social and emotional development of young people enabling them to access the curriculum and make positive social relationships with family, friends and teachers.

Josh Clayton, Thrive Co-ordinator at Bassaleg School said, “I feel incredibly grateful towards the staff at Admiral, without them we would not have been able to develop such a welcoming space to support the wellbeing and mental health of our students. I wanted to make the space colourful to inspire inclusion and happiness and already students have commented on the new space as relaxing, private and happy. The students and staff at Bassaleg School cannot thank Admiral enough.”

Photo left to right: Julia Sullivan (Assistant Head for Wellbeing and Behaviour), Emma Court (Admiral), Josh Clayton (Thrive Co-ordinator), Jay Rowe (Admiral), Laura O’Keeffe (Admiral), Kellie Jones (Admiral), Victoria Lambe (Head Teacher Bassaleg School).