Angela Shaves to Save

A woman who works in Admiral in Swansea, is raising money for Cancer Research Wales by pledging to have her head shaved by colleagues. Angela Beale-Roberts, who works in Admiral's People Services department, has been receiving donations from across the company, with the person who donates the most, getting to shave Angela's head themself.

Angela originally set a fundraising target of £2,000 but thanks to the generous donations of Admiral staff, she has already received over £3,000. Admiral will also be contributing to the money raised by staff through its Community Chest Scheme.

Angela, explained why she had chosen to go to such lengths to raise money for the charity, "In November 2008 my Dad was diagnosed with cancer and sadly lost his fight in September 2009. I think about him every day and my family's world was rocked again, when on New Year's Day of this year, we had a call from my Uncle who was on holiday and had been diagnosed with lymphoma. Shortly after this, we had an unexpected call to say that my Aunt had been diagnosed with bowel cancer and that nothing could be done for her. Sadly, she passed away two weeks later.

"Cancer touches so many lives and since finding out about my Aunt I have wanted to do something to be able to give something back and support a cause that helps so many people every year. I decided to shave my head as I feel it is a big statement for me to make with regard to how much I want to make this a successful fundraising campaign."