Admiral Group's Business Model

Prioritising satisfied customers and happy staff.

Valued Customers

Every day revolves around attracting, keeping and satisfying customers.  We value customers above everything else and strive to design products that customers want and that represent value for money. 

Great place to work

We go out of our way to make Admiral a GREAT place to work and believe that if people like what they do, they’ll do it better. We have created an environment where Admiral employees look forward to coming to work and providing great service to customers.

Focus on profitability

Admiral continues to focus on bottom-line profitability in the short, medium and long term, and this perspective guides the decisions we make across all of our business operations. The Group’s strategy is to build profitable and sustainable business operations for the long term.

Efficient capital employment

Sharing risk with co- and reinsurance partners is an important part of Admiral’s business and these relationships are underpinned by strong underwriting results.  Sharing risk allows Admiral to provide capital backing for a minority of its business. This results in a superior return on capital for Admiral shareholders whilst also providing financial support if things go wrong.

Shareholder Returns

We are committed to returning excess capital to shareholders. At Admiral we believe that keeping management hungry for cash keeps them focused on the most important aspects of the business.  We don’t starve our businesses, but neither do we allow them the luxury of excess capital.