We have committed £6 million for charitable donations as part of our Admiral Covid-19 Support Fund, including £2 million to an insurance industry wide charitable effort orchestrated by the Association of British Insurers. The company’s purpose is to help more people to look after their future, and this donation is a direct and natural expression of this purpose.


A large portion of this funding was allocated to the NHS, charities, schools, nursing homes and support groups in South Wales. £100,000 was also donated to the Wales Coronavirus Resilience Fund through Community Foundation Wales, and our operations outside the UK have also supported their own local communities. With many traditional fundraising activities halted due to Covid-19, we also donated over £250,000 to 16 large charities, with these funds to be used to support services provided in Wales.


We also made a £1 million donation to UNICEF to support its efforts to tackle the devastating wave of COVID-19 cases in India, where we employ more than 700 people. The funding will support people to access oxygen therapy, and rapid COVID-19 testing; training for health workers in hospitals and in the community; and equipment for hospitals and health centres.


As a proud Welsh company, we really wanted to support communities where our people are based, and the Admiral Support Fund allows us to do exactly this. The fund’s donation model responds to colleague requests resulting in a far-reaching impact and responding to a wide variety of needs, such as providing school equipment, delivering medical supplies and PPE, sourcing tablets for care homes, donating meals to hospitals as well as making cash donations to charities and organisations in need.