A working environment that promotes healthy living and helps our people achieve a happy work life balance is a key focus for us, and our Ministry of Health (MOH) was created with this in mind.

The MOH team is tasked with maintaining and promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace and it works to achieve agreed standards. From supplying fresh fruit everyday to all our sites, to subsidised flu jabs, the Admiral Inspire Choir, blood pressure and cholesterol checks, to physical and mental health awareness campaigns, a calendar of MOH events and initiatives ensures colleague wellbeing is at the forefront of our culture.

We are very proud to have been awarded the Gold Corporate Health Standard by the Welsh Assembly Government.  When awarding us the Corporate Health Standard the assessors said, “It is the unanimous view of the assessors that Admiral is amongst the best, if not the best, organisation that we have ever visited in terms of a corporate approach to wellbeing.

“This was an exceptional submission and all the requirements of the Gold level of the Corporate Health Standard are comfortably met and the organisation is most worthy of the highest commendation.”

“When we originally set up Admiral, one of our aims was to create a company that offered its employees a good work-life balance. Twenty five years later and this wish still remains as strong as ever. It’s important to ensure people have a work environment that’s as stress free and supportive as possible for them. The Ministry of Health is a great way of promoting our commitment to supporting our colleagues in living a healthy and well balanced lifestyle.”

David Stevens, former CEO