Being a shareholder in the company is without a doubt one of the most appealing benefits of working for the Admiral Group.

All colleagues who've been here for more than one year, no matter their role, receive free shares twice a year. In 2018 each UK employee with more than one year's service at the time of the award received the maximum £3,600 worth of free shares in the Group's Approved Free Share Incentive Plan.

Since Admiral’s flotation in 2004 an employee who had been here from that date and worked full time would have received 3,698 shares as of the end of 2018. Our overseas employees receive similar awards in the groups Discretionary Free Share Scheme.

Being given shares in the company in which they work allows our people to really feel part of the Group, have a real sense of ownership and importantly, it means they share in our success.

Annette Court, Chairman

“For such young people, many doing their first proper job, receiving shares in the company in which they work is very unusual and gives them a direct interest in Admiral’s success. Rather than just working for Admiral, they are part of Admiral.”